At Fargo Roofing Pros Home, we know how frustrating it can be to call a company and get passed around from automated machine to automated machine. As a community business, we pride ourselves in our customer service and are more than happy to speak with you, face to face, to make sure you get the best customer service we can provide. We can answer all of your questions over the phone and are more than willing to come out and do an in person consultation.

At Fargo Roofing Pros, you’ll be considered like family and we’ll make sure to take care of your home just as if it were ours. Our professional roofers have years of experience fixing up roofs and preparing them for the long winter months, especially for the harsh winters in Fargo. While we started as a residential roofing company, our services now include commercial roofing, too. We are proud we can help both homeowners and business people in the community and protect you from the elements. Besides commercial and residential roofing, we offer roof repair, metal roofing, flat roofing, and gutter installation and repair. The best part about our business is that we offer our services year round. Have you ever had a leaking roof in the winter and couldn’t get past feet of snow to cover it up? Our team members are not afraid to face a challenge and they will get the job done, no matter what. If you are interested in our services, or have questions about whether we can help you, get in touch with us and have a conversation, friend to friend.