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The Time It Takes To Install A New Roof

If you are thinking about getting a new roof, one of the things that you might want to know is how long it will take to install, which makes a lot of sense. Installing a new roof can be loud and inconvenient that you may want to go out for a moment and come after the installation. Thus, knowing how long it will take is essential. Unfortunately, the timeframe for each installation varies according to the vastness, steepness, age of your roof, and weather condition.

Installation Timeframe

  • The Smaller, The Quicker The Re-roofing

Installation depends on the size of your roof, its steepness, and the roof’s age. If you live in a small, residential house with a slightly pitched roof, there’s a high possibility that a day is enough to complete the task. Nonetheless, it doesn’t count the weather complications, and if the materials are at the site before the crews are there.

In re-roofing your home, a roofing expert will first take off the existing roof to make sure that the sub-roofing has no damage and put on the brand new shingles. If there’s damage found on your sub-roofing, this may affect the expected timeframe as this would mean extra work, additional materials, and more time to complete the roofing project. Although it’s possible to finish the re-roofing installation in a day for a small residential home, complications can arise that contributes to the extension time of completion.

  • Steep Roof Takes Longer to Install New Roof

Classic style homes like Cape Cods, Colonials, and A-frame outlines, have crazy high pitch and tallness that could mean it can be harder and longer to replace a new roof. The more extreme and higher your rooftop, the more you can anticipate that installing a new roof may take longer compared to slightly pitch roofs. 

In such a case, we have to put the security of our laborers while ensuring you end up with the ideal rooftop that you want to attain. Re-roofing a steep roof can take about two to seven days since the laborers may need more materials and move more cautiously to stay safe and assure that they will deliver quality-based re-roofing results.

  • Older Roofs 

Re-roofing an aged roof can be challenging and takes a longer time to complete. It is mostly because of its old state that requires repair of some parts that have leak issues. If you replace the roof right after knowing there’s a leakage, there’s a high possibility that there’s water damage within the sub-roofing that will require more actions like shoring up for support, sub-roofing, and finally, putting in the new roof. The new roof can’t go on top of damaged supports. It’s the reason why it’s always wise to have roof inspection and replacement once you see the early signs of roof damage. 

  • Weather Condition 

Finally, with regards to giving you a gauge on how long it will take to do your rooftop, you need to recall there is no anticipating the climate. Installing a new roof is best done during warm and dry seasons. While roofing crews will do their best to work through inclement climate to finish it as promptly as possible, they can only do so as long as their safety isn’t compromised. If the weather began to be too dangerous, the crews might need to stop the work and resume when the weather clears up.

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Benefits Of A New Roof

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Having a new roof means having an immense benefit that comes with it. Nonetheless, new roof installment can be costly home improvement, so it’s understandable if you’re reluctant to shell out cash to have it done. However, once you have weighed down its pros and cons, you will see the imminent benefits of having another rooftop installed. 

If your roof is over 20 years of age, read on to become familiar with various advantages of having a new one installed.

New Roofs Benefits

  • Efficient Energy

If your old roof is dwindling, this can allow energy to escape from your home in the winter, thus raising your energy costs. A new roof, accurately installed, can render a reliable seal against the factors and lower your heating expenses. Additionally, opaque colored roofs absorb heat, and this can raise your cooling costs during summertime. If you choose a brighter color, you can save cash on air conditioning as well.

  • Warranty

If your rooftop is seasoned or older, the manufacturer’s warranty on the shingles may have just lapsed. Most new asphalt shingles accompany a guarantee of around 25 years. Other, more costly roofing materials may have a warranty that lasts up to 50 years. When you have re-roofing installed recently, you can have confidence that it can last for many years to come. Just remember that manufacturer’s warranties expect you to have the rooftop installed by a certified roofing contractor.

  • Increased safety

Most people living under old, damaged, or worn-out roofs do not weigh the safety concerns these roofs’ conditions pose. An older roof can let water into your home, add to the property damage it can cause, which also lead to the formation of mold spores, that can contaminate the air that you and your family breathe.

  • Higher ROI

A new roof can enormously improve the resale estimation of your home. If you are intending to sell your home in the following years, having a brand-new roof installation today can prompt a quicker deal of your home, and the additional worth can make the installation pay for itself.

  • New Shade

If you need to give your home a new appearance, new hues on your siding, trim, shades, and front entryway can have a beautiful effect. These hues should be facilitated with your roof shading, nonetheless. If a new roof is needed soon, rolling out the improvement presently will empower you to coordinate all your colors to wind up with a remarkable and striking appearance for your home.

If you are experiencing the inconveniences and hassle of an old roof, it might be the right time to call an experienced and trusted roofing expert to assess your roofing needs. 

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